What I've been listening to on repeat lately


Metro Hradčanská



I'm having my ordinary black coffee, smoking my 3am cigarette from my window while listening to this song. Today I layed in my bed for too long, stared at the ceiling for too long, but besides that I had enough time to continue on reading The children of Húrin by Tolkien. I've read half of the book and the story is just magical (or should I say magically tragic).

There has been so many things on my mind I really wanted to write down five minutes ago, but in the end I choose to just chill by the window and be grateful for everything beautiful in my life rather than being constantly depressed. I feel rested right now and I wish you could hug me from behing and share this peaceful moment with me. I wish you to be happy for your entire life, with or without me.



Hey! It's been a while since I posted anything here (and since my last update I've already cut my hair thrice). I had my final exams during which I was unfortunatelly ill. But in the end I made it, I was finally graduated from high school! It felt so good to be free of that huge pressure. No more worries about too much homework, tests, different subjects that I have no interest in. I was thrilled to finally walk out those damn school front doors for the last time.